Seeds Of 10 Kinds of Bonsai Palm Perennials Flowers

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These Bonsai Palm Perennials prefer a warm hot humid environment; they cannot tolerate cold very well. They do not grow very fast but they do have a long life of about 200 years. They will sprout slow as they have thick-skinned and very hard seeds. Feel Tropical with a palm.

Product Type: Bonsai
Use: Indoor Plants
Style: Perennial
Model Number: dwarf bonsai Ornaments Plants
Applicable Constellation: Aries
Full-bloom Period: Autumn
Location: Building Roof
Function: Beautifying
Flowerpot: Excluded
Size: Mini
Climate: Subtropics
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Type: Blooming Plants
Variety: palm
Use: Indoor / outdoor plants mixed dwarf trees
type : Bonsai Palm Perennials Flowers

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