50 Honey Dew melon Seeds

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Honeydew is round to slightly oval and varies in weight. The flesh is usually pale green in color, the smooth peel ranges from greenish to yellow. Like most fruit, honeydew has seeds. The inner flesh is eaten, often for dessert. It's commonly found in supermarkets alongside cantaloupe melons and watermelons.

Product Type: Bonsai
Model Number: Melon
Size: Small,Mini,Large,Medium
Style: Annual
Flowerpot: Excluded
Applicable Constellation: Leo
Full-bloom Period: Spring
Type: Succulent Plant
Use: Outdoor Plants
Classification: Mini Garden
Brand Name: Mesprout
Climate: Subtropics
Function: Interest
Location: Courtyard
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Variety: Melon Seeds
Product Type: Bonsai
name: Cucumis melo var
Outline: Dicotyledonae
French name: cantaloup
Genus: Melon genus
performance: Vitamin is high
effect: Beauty
scientific name: melon, mesh melon

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