Seeds of the landWelcome! Thank you again for taking the time to visit our seeds store. In the past years our passion was gardening and everything that surrounds it watching our garden grow was one of the most exiting thing we have done. The experience of eating a vegetable or a fruit from your own garden is just amazing and we hope that more people will get the opportunity to feel it.   

So who are we?

We are a group of garden lovers that just wanted to share it's knowledge and to create a business that will help other people like us bring their garden to the next level in affordable prices from garden tools to vegetables and flowers everything you need for the garden in the best prices and in the best quality.  

In our blog you will find many valuable  articles about how to grow plants and in their most ideal environment and how to use the right tools for the right task. You will find tips and tricks there that you wont found in other places, so don't think too much go visit our blog now. 

Our Vision

We are aiming to create a large community of garden lovers that will share valuable information all around the world.