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Did you know that one of the best ways to harvest vegetables is harvesting them in your garden? Some people think that growing vegetables from seed is hard, but there are some tips on how to grow vegetables from seeds that they can follow, just like the ones below.

Some people may say that they don’t have enough space in their garden to plant vegetables, but they can grow them in containers which they can place on your deck or the front part of your porch. Get to know on how to grow vegetables from seeds by reading the information below.

Start Planning

The first thing that you need to do is to decide whether you want to grow them in raised beds or the ground. Some prefer growing them in the container especially if they don’t have enough space in their garden. If you don’t have good soil, it would be best to choose raise beds. For people who have good soil in their garden and don’t mind using their hands and knees often then growing in the ground would be ideal. Containers are your last option if you don’t have enough space in your garden to plant the vegetables.

Think of the Vegetables that You Want to Grow

Write down all the vegetables that you would like to have in your garden and the ones that you often need. But if you are a beginner then choosing plants that can easily be planted is essential, which include herbs, yellow summer squash, tomatoes, radish, snap peas, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, beets, and bush beans. 

Check Your Space and Time

The next thing that you need to do is to consider the space and the time that you have for your garden. For people who only have limited space in their garden, it would be best just to choose the vegetables that they often consume. Of course for bigger gardens, you will have the option to plant whatever vegetable that you like.

As for the time, if you have ample of time then planting as many vegetables as you can do. Typically, people who don’t have much time are only growing a limited number of vegetables for them to avoid spending too much time in their gardens.

Gather Tools and Dress Accordingly

Of course for you to be able to start planting, you will need to gather some of the gardening tools that you will be using. Some of the tools include wheelbarrow, hose, hoe, garden fork, and spade. As for your clothes, it would be best to wear a pair of gloves and some clothes that you don’t mind staining with dirt.

Once you are done doing the above tips, it is now time for you to start growing your seeds and turn them into delicious vegetables.

Soil Tilling

Soil tilling is essential especially if you are going to grow your seeds in the ground. You will either use a hoe or a tiller to help the soil loosen up before you start planting the seeds. For people who are going to plant using containers or raised beds, then you no longer have to worry about this task since all you need to do to put soil in them.

Dig a Trench

The next thing that you need to do is to use the spade to help you dig a trench that is shallow, where you will be putting the seeds. You need to religiously follow the directions which can be found in the seed packets for you to know the depth required. Typically, a garden row should be eighteen inches apart, though some vegetables need to have more space.

Planting the Vegetable Seeds

Again, following the directions included in the seed packets is essential for you to know the space needed for each of the seed. Some packets will require you to put more seeds in each of the space, so following this is essential. 

Covering the Seeds

Once you are done placing the seeds, the next task would be covering them with dirt. A layer of thin dirt will do and make sure to pack the seeds with dirt lightly. Typically, the amount of dirt needed will also be in the packets, so reading them is essential.

Placing Markers

For you to be able to keep track of the seeds that you have planted, it would be best to put markers on each track. The markers should be placed at the end of each row. You can use sticks and label them with the important names, for you to know what seeds are planted in that particular spot.

Watering the Soil

Once you are done planting the vegetable seeds, you will have to provide the garden the first drink that it deserves, by watering the soil. For people who have planted in the ground, you need to water the seeds lightly since the soil can drain slower here. But for individuals who have planted their seeds in raised beds and containers, it would be best to water them more the first time since they can drain easily and your seeds need the water for them to grow fully.

These are the tips on how to grow vegetables from seeds that you surely need to follow if you want to have your own vegetables in your garden successfully. Always remember to regularly water your garden every week to avoid them from drying out especially if you live in an area that is humid. This will help the soil and the plants to stay hydrated and moist.

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