How to Grow Fruits from Seeds

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Are you wondering how to grow fruits from seeds? Did you know that planting a fruit seed does not necessarily mean that it will produce the same fruit? Get to know more about it, by reading the information below.

Budding and Grafting Methods

Budding and grafting will require you to have a mother plant or a rootstock that is compatible to the desired plant that you want. One of the most inexpensive option to get a seedling rootstock is to gather seeds from the particular plant that you are currently propagating.

The fruit seeds from all the most common fruits, including cherry, peach, pear, and apple will need to have a period of chilling before they start to germinate and start forming new plants. When the portion of the fruit is ripe, the period of chilling will then start. The period of chilling is known as after ripening or dormancy. During the period of chilling the plant’s embryo will begin to develop until it reached maturity.

Growing Fruits from Seeds

There are three different ways to grow fruits from seeds and knowing how you can successfully grow them is essential. Below are three ways on how to grow fruits from seeds:

Method #1

Start collecting the seeds from the fruit that you are planning to grow. Start rinsing them with a Clorox solution and dust them with fungicide or a captan. Once done, start lining the seeds on the trays of vermiculite or peat moss. Wait for them to germinate before planting them an inch deep in parallel lines and about two inches apart. 

Typically, after placing the tray of seeds inside a refrigerator with a forty degree Fahrenheit temperature, you need to wait for a few months before you see them developing sprout and starts to germinate. Once you see the sprouts, you can transplant the seeds to pots that are 4 inches deep using tweezer so they can start growing.

Method #2

Collect the seeds from the fruits that you want to produce. You need to make sure that you have removed every portion of the fruit and let the seeds to dry outside. Once done, place the seeds in a jar and cover it loosely. Set them aside until the middle of January and mix them with shredded paper, sand, or peat moss. The mixture should be returned to the jar and place it in the refrigerator until the spring season. Put in mind that the seeds need to remain inside the fridge for sixty days.

During the first few days of spring, start preparing the seedbed where you can plant the fruit seeds that are inside the jar. You can start soaking the fruit seeds in the water for a maximum of 24 hours before you start planting them to enhance their germination. You also need to make sure that the soil is well moist and to avoid adding fertilizer immediately.

Method #3

During the fall season, start preparing the soil in your garden for you to be able to plant the seeds that you like. Start making a furrow, but ensure that they are not more than one to two times deeper than the seed’s longest dimension. Start placing the seeds and cover them with an inch or two of sand. The purpose for this is to prevent the soil’s crusting, which will then inhibit the germination process.

After that, start placing a wire screen on top of the row and start pushing the screen’s edges to the soil. This will help prevent the squirrels and chipmunks from digging out the seeds from the ground. Once they start germinating, you need to remove the screen to ensure that the new plants won’t bend.

These are the three methods on how to grow fruits from seeds. With all of these methods above, make sure to add a tablespoon or two of urea once the seedlings are about six to eight inches in length. You also need to water them every ten to twelve days and to keep the fertilizer away from your plants. 

Planting Hard Covered Seeds

Now if you are planning to plant seeds with hardcovers, such as stone fruits, you might need to crack the cover to start the germination process. You can use a nutcracker to crack the seed and make sure not to crush the insides of the embryo. When you plant the seeds, you will notice that there is tap root that will develop and you need to cut them using a spade under each and every plant that you have. 

The spade needs to be pushed into the soil for you to be able to cut all the taproot which is five to six inches below.

Everything that you need to know on how to grow fruits from seeds. The best time for you to grow them is during the summer season because you can choose the mid-season type of seeds that are available in your area. When selecting seed, it would be best to avoid the ones that can mature early because the possibility of their sprouts not developing enough is high. Varieties that are grown locally have the greatest chance of prospering in your garden. 

Start planting the fruit seeds that you have for you to be able to produce your very own fruits in your backyard. In this way, you no longer have to go to the market just to purchase fruits. 

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